Restoring Family Links


Restoring Family Links (RFL) is a Program of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement involving activities that aims to prevent separation and disappearance, look for missing persons, restore and maintain contacts between family members and clarify the fate of persons reported missed.Restoring Family Links (RFL) Program FATA was initiated in 2008

Mandate of RFL FATA

  • To create awareness about restoring family links(RFL) in communities, i,e what is RFL! Services render by RFL!
  • LOST helpline1030 services
  • To Collect Tracing Requests.
  • To Distribute the Red Cross (Salamat) Messages (RCM) in FATA
  • To Re-unify the missed/lost members of  families, in disaster, illegal migration.
  • To Train  RFL Volunteers from FATA& FR
  • RFL Services has been commenced in Bajaur in March 2016.
  • The RFLo was stationed at AHQ hospital of the agency.
  • The RFLo assigned these responsibilities.
    Psychological First Aid
    Free phone call services

    RFL Services provided at AHQ Hospital Khar Bajaur Agency During the year 2016.

Mr. Shahid Malik

RFL Manager FATA Branch