Media & Communications

Considering the importance of an effective communication based on stakeholders, the programme successfully started in 2014. In 2012 and 2013, a considerable progress has been made in terms of setting up a functional communication at the PRC FATA. The year 2014 has seen the communication activities targeting wide range of stakeholders ranging from government authorities and civil society to religious scholars and media. The approach of the field dissemination sessions (operational communication) helped a great deal in establishing inter-personal contacts and dispelling the wrong perceptions. On the other hand, the tools like newsletters and press releases attracted masses at large contributing to position the PRCS as one of the leading humanitarian players. The identification and training of communication volunteers at agencies & FRs, who carry on the basic communication activities mainly dissemination at tehsil levels, remained an important activity.

Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) as a leading humanitarian actor in the country needs proactive and strategically oriented communication activities in order to position itself as professional & dynamic humanitarian organization committed to prevent, alleviate or reduce human sufferings.

PRC FATA communication activities targeted the audience ranging from civil authorities, students and teachers, community elders, lawyers, religious scholars and movement staff. The type of activities conducted included short dissemination sessions, first-aid trainings for journalists, one day seminars on movement values, media briefings, publication of yearly magazines, brochures on activities, update of websites etc.


  • To enhance the image and visibility of the organization by adopting effective and viable communication mechanism, augmenting credibility and greater public acceptability for maximum humanitarian benefits.
  • To identified stakeholders (including authorities, media, religious leaders and other actors) have better understanding and acceptance towards PRCS activities in field as result of effective communications.
  • To develop communication volunteers network/pool and act as communication relays for passing basic messages about the Movement and Fundamental Principles.
  • To enhance visibility and image through publications and production of promotional items and AV material in light of national communication strategy.


In view of the planned activities, the communication activities has targeted the whole range of stakeholders in 2017 in order to build the image of Pakistan Red Crescent.

Below is the statistical overview of activities and audience reached by PRC FATA.

Media & Com. FATA

Targeted Audience

Officials; administrations, education, health, law & Order 55
Journalists 15
Religious elders & Community 100
Students 300
Total Targeted 480




No of Participants

Dissemination Sessions; students religious circle Journalists civil authorities etc 09 270
Three-day dissemination & FA Training for 15 journalists each from Agency Branches 01 15
Celebration of RCRC day. 01 45
Dissemination Seminars held by DMOs in their respective branches at agencies. 05 150
Monitoring Visits by Com.Officer FATA HQ to each of the Agency Branches Bajaur Agency 01, Mohmand Agency 01 and Khyber Agency 01 03
Designing Eid Cards 500 480



Mr. Fariduddin Shinwari

Media & Communication Officer