Health & Care

PRC endeavours to enhance health & care activities to contribute to reduce the mortality, morbidity, injuries, psychological and physical impacts from diseases and public health emergencies along with facilitating vulnerable community.

Unfortunately, the people of FATA are being suffered and died on daily basis owing to multiple diseases. As they do not know how to prevent diseases, respond to emergencies or simply because they are not provided with adequate and timely assistance.

Saving Lives through Establishment of Health Care Facilities

The risk factor for women and children in rural communities in FATA is amongst the highest in the country. The reason why, the programme activities targeted reduction of preventable maternal and child health issues, and by focusing on diseases like Diarrhoea, Respiratory Infection, and Malaria, unsafe pregnancies, access to facilities at deliveries, post natal care and mal-nutrition.

Basic Health Unit, Torkham, Khyber Agency and Orakzai Agency

  • Initially BHU Torkham was working under the management of PRC-KP from 2002-2007. In 2007 the handling and control of that BHU was taken up by PRC-FATA. An average of 1500-2000 patients from inside and across the border receive free medical (preventive and curative) services in Torkham BHU on monthly basis along with health education sessions and preventive education sessions in BHU and nearby community.
  • Provision of free medical services on daily OPD basis
  • Organizing free medical camps in emergency relief operations
  • Referral and counselling of serious patients to Secondary and Tertiary care centres

Orakzai Agency:

  • PRC FATA has provided its medical services for one month in Orakzai Meshtimela in coordination with AHQ and Andkhel. PRC FATA arranged a free medical camp for three days in TOGH SARAI IDPS CAMP where free medicines were provided to the vulnerable and needy population

Medical Camps in Mohmand Agency and Bajaur Agency

Medical Camps in Mohmand Agency

  • PRC FATA arranged medical camps in Mohmand Agency in 10 different areas which were nominated by political administration and agency surgeon, in these camps patients were provided with medical care both preventive and curative along with health and hygiene sessions . More than 2400 patients were seen in these camps .These camps were arranged in far flung areas of Mohmand agency where the access to health facilities is near to nil.
  • Medical Camps in Bajour Agency
  • PRC FATA arranged medical camps in Bajour Agency again in 10 different areas based of least accessibility to health facilities .at an average 250 patients are seen each day.


  • Prevent and promote the Health status of the community through lectures and hygiene sessions.
  • To provide basic health services and health hygiene promotion to marginalized communities.
  • Develop awareness about prevention of Communicable diseases in the community.