Disaster Response

Pakistan Red Crescent due to its unique legal status and wider acceptance has no certain constraints as compared to other humanitarian actors regarding accessibility and acceptance issues. However, PRC is also lacking human as well as financial resources to respond to FATA complex emergencies. PRC FATA HQ in his available limited resources endeavors their best to build community resilience towards disasters and also had responded during natural as well as human induced disasters. There is dire need that PRC must have contingency planning across FATA for immediate and effective response to disasters. Keeping in view the mandate, PRC along with other national societies and movement partners must also take concrete steps as preparedness and building community resilience towards FATA complex emergencies.

The DM department since its inception in 2009; has conducted different capacity building trainings for volunteers; till September 2017, the department has trained a total of 600 volunteers in FATA. This department is looking for Disaster Response and Preparedness activities.

  • Imparted trainings to volunteers in the capacity of VCA, Disaster Response teams, Volunteering in Emergencies, Emergency Need Assessment, Logistics Management, COC and FA etc
  • Disaster Response Kits have been provided to all four Agencies for ADRTs and CDRTs
  • All Four Agency branches have DP stock for 200 HHs/Branch.


The Disaster Response Rostrum at PRC FATA is shown in the following table:


FATA-HQ 50 04
Mohmand 50 50 02
Bajaur 50 50
Kurram 25 50
SWA 25 50
150 200 50 06


DM Major Responses/Relief Operations:

  • Distributed Food Items (27 KG per package) Ramazan Packs among 300 TDPs of NWA in Bannu with the support of TRC (June-2017)
  • Distributed Food Items (61 KG per package) Ramazan Packs among 450 TDPs families of NWA in Bannu with the support of Telenor Pakistan (June-2017)
  • Non Food Items among 700 poor families and 280 widows in FATA (Jan-Feb 2017)
  • Distributed Food Items (62 KG per package) Ramazan Packs among 1000 poor families in Peshawar with the support of TRC (June 2016)
  • Distribution of Non Food Items among 902 EQ affected families in Bajaur & Mohmand Agencies in 2015
  • Distribution of Winterized Kits among 11,000 TDPs of NWA in January 2015
  • Distribution of Non Food Items among 8000 affected TDPs of NWA in 2014
  • Provided support (Non Food Items) to one thousand affected families of South Waziristan in district D I Khan in 2012
  • Provided support to 1000 affected families in Mohmand Agency (50 kg wheat flour & 01 blanket) in 2011
  • Support to 1000 Displaced Families due to Sectarian Clashes in Kurram Agency Parachinar, Sadda & Tari Mangal Kurram Agency in 2011
  • Provided food and non food items to 7349 flood affected families of Khyber, Mohmand, FR Peshawar, FR Kohat, FR D I Khan and FR Tank during 2010 floods.

Mr. Shehryar Khan

Disaster Management Officer